My Stepson Asks If He Can See My Huge 34g Cup Tits

I have noticed him looking at me for a few weeks now and then today when he came up to my bedroom his eyes were absolutely glued to my red deep-plunge bra which was showing through my white see through top... And I was VERY shocked when he asked if I would lift my top up so that he could see properly! And then when he had seen my HUGE tits spilling out over the top of my bra he asked if I would lift my tits out so that he could see EVERYTHING!


Aunt Sonia And Aunt Red Want To See Your Cock

Aunt Sonia has invited you up to her bedroom so that your Aunt Red and myself can have a very secret little chat with you. We know that you are absolutely obsessed with older ladies with big tits so as we are all alone in the house today we will give you a very special treat and we will both take off our tops for you to show you our big tits properly and you can show us both your big hard young throbbing cock. Would you like that?


No Option But To Show My Step-son My Tits

My step son's bedroom is always in a mess so for a joke I told him that if he cleaned up his room I would show him my tits... And after he cleaned his room he took my joke quite literally! I had absolutely no idea that he wouldn't think it was just as a joke and I was messing around and he was VERY determined that he was going to make me do it and that he was going to get to see my big 34G cup tits properly! And he made sure that I have no choice and he got to see EVERYTHING that he wanted to see!


Finding Pornography On My Step-sons Phone

My step son had left his phone on the table downstairs and being a little nosey I thought I would just have a little look and a check to see what he had on there and I was shocked to find photos of busty mature women in his photo folder! Such a shame for a young guy to be looking at photos when his step-mother has a 34G cup best that she is more than happy to let him see! Anyway I called him straight up to my bedroom to ask him if he wanted me to take my top off so that he could see my tits while I looked at his hard throbbing cock!


Showing My Step Son My Huge Tits

I had noticed that my step-son had started looking at my big 34G cup tits whenever the chance came along so as we were all alone in the house I thought that I would invite him up to my bedroom so that I could show him properly and let him see everything that he is so desperate to see. After all I am his step-mother and I am always ready to help him in every way that I can... So long as he keeps it our little secret of course.


Seducing My Sons Best Friend

My son isn't home yet, would you like to come in and wait for him? Wow you have grown so much since you first came around for milk and cookies... I have noticed that when you call around lately you are more interested in other things? I have seen you looking at me and I have seen you looking at my big 34G cup tits. So long as you can keep a secret and tell no one at all would you like to see more? I have an idea, if you show me yours and I will show you mine. Would you like that? So long as you promise that you will keep it a secret.


Kylie And Jaye

As I am out in the Canary Islands this week getting some winter R&R after the Christmas Holidays I thought I would put up some footage or Kylie and Jaye this week for you to enjoy while I am away. This video is way over an hour long and is a REAL treat for lovers of perfect bottoms! Enjoy! :-) xx


The First Time Guy From Twitter And The Leather Gloves

This video was the very first one that I ever made with a “first time” guy from Twitter when I tweeted and asked if there were any guys out there who would like to be filmed on video with me and he was also a www.Lady-Sonia.com member as well. This guy is a bit of a legend here as he has just about the heaviest cumshot I have EVER seen from a first time guy and he absolutely covers me! I kept this young guy right on the very edge of cumming for as long as possible before he finally explodes everywhere!


The Cuckoldrix In Thigh Boots

This video has been recovered and re-mastered after being lost for ages (the original master file had problems) and so after numerous requests it can at last it can be added to the members area here again! This video was actually shot by my husband during a “cuckold session” with “Shaft” as I wanted him to be actually be there to be able to watch me being used VERY hard! And this full on bareback fuck session really is VERY VERY hard right up until Shaft absolutely fills me with a HUGE load of his black cum! This video is pretty unique as it covers a FULL cuckold experience including talking to my husband during the video and the fact that my husband was there recording this spurred Shaft on to REALLY use me very hard as he absolutely loves it when husbands are there to watch him use a white married lady hard with his HUGE black cock and cum hard deep inside them!


One Of My Twitter Followers First Time Ever On Video

I had just messaged on my @gillyoungstudio Twitter that I was getting ready to shoot here when one of my Twitter followers said that he was quite local to me and was having the day off work so I told him that if he could get here in an hour he could have his “first time ever on video” experience with me! When he arrived we had a chat and then I undressed him and got him up onto the massage couch so that I could get started on his rock solid throbbing cock! This video was HUGE fun to shoot and I made sure that he got to experience ALL of the things that he had seen in some of my other videos and was so desperate to try for real with me! LOADS of warm slippery baby oil for a VERY special handjob then I squeezed his excited slippery cock between my BIG 34G tits and finally a REAL MILF blowjob from a REAL MILF who loves sucking hard throbbing cocks! Enjoy :-) xx


Still a little unsure?

I have been a genuine exhibitionist for over thirty years and the whole reason that I started my site is because I really LOVE to show off and be watched. I am a genuine “lifestyle” unfaithful wife and sex has always been the most important thing in my life. You are just a click away from opening the window into a private world of sexual exploration. Not only will you have unlimited access to all of the unique content I have shot over the years together with all brand new updates, but you will also have access to dozens of other websites and thousands of naughty photos and videos! I really love to explore so why don't you come inside and then we can explore together?

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