Tricked Into Handcuffs By A Friends Son!

I was surprised when I opened the door and it was a friends son who had called to show me a new pair of steel handcuffs he had bought... And I had absolutely no idea at all that he intended to trick me into putting them onto me so that my arms were secured VERY firmly behind my back! To make it worse I was wearing a VERY low cut dress and I knew that with my hands cuffed tightly behind my back even the slightest movement would make sure that my HUGE 34G tits slipped out on full show to him... But of course he knew this and this is what he had planned all along and he wasn't going to be satisfied with just seeing my big tits and my HUGE nipples on full display... He wanted a LOT more fun with me as well no matter how much I pleaded with him to stop!



One-To-One Wank Instruction Video/Photo Shoot With Aunt Sonia


This video was recorded with the video on the tripod (as I usually do with these so that it's just you and me one-to-one) while the photo set was being shot at the same time. Aunt Sonia is wearing her new Karen Millen silk blouse as she confronts her nephew who had walked in on her while she was having a shower the night before... Even though you thought that I hadn't seen you I noticed that you didn't leave the room as soon as you caught me in the shower... You just watched me as I was soaping my HUGE 34G cup tits... And I could see the bulge growing in your jeans as you watched me too! Perhaps you would like to have a better look now?



Dominatrix Is Used As The Unwilling Switch

Dressed up in spike heeled knee boots together with “layered nylon” waiting for the submissive who had made the extended booking I was getting more and more annoyed as he was very late arriving here... And then to my absolute horror when he did finally arrive he made sure that I was alone then he overpowered me, forced my arms behind my back and snapped a pair of steel handcuffs around my wrists before tying me to my steel suspension frame so that I was completely helpless! He was VERY rough as he stripped my leather jacket off of me and then when my VERY big 34G tits and my HUGE fully erect nipples were fully exposed he used rope to put my tits into VERY tight bondage and then he used some VERY severe nipple toys to hurt my nipples far more than they had EVER been hurt before! I was ubjected to complete and utter agony as you will see!



Auntie Trisha – The Blackmailed Aunt


As soon as he arrived it was obvious that Auntie Trisha had been robbed... Cupboards and drawers open and things strewn all over the floor and then he went upstairs he found his prim and proper aunt tied up on the sofa! At this point he could have done two things... He could have untied her and then phoned the police... Or he could take the opportunity to have a better look at Auntie Trisha's big tits while she is still tied up... And take some iPhone photos of her as well while she is completely helpless and can't do ANYTHING to stop him! Of course with the second option he could always use the photos to blackmail her with later. I wonder which option he will take...?



Busty Housewife In Bondage For Forced Orgasm Treatment


Chained by my wrists in the steel suspension frame and blindfolded I am totally helpless to do anything but struggle as he runs his hands all over me groping me through my little black dress! Squeezing my big 34G tits and pinching my HUGE nipples through the thin material before he moves his hands down and cuts off my tiny little black thing panties so that all I have on is my little black dress, sheer to waist pantyhose and my high heels! No matter how hard I struggle I am totally helpless as he roughly pulls the top of my dress down so that my HUGE 34G tits spill out into full view so that they can be tied VERY tightly with rope then after an excruciatingly tight crotch rope is pulled up HARD into my pussy he picks up the VERY powerful mains powered vibrator and the first of the forced orgasms that I am helpless to endure begins! And all I can do is struggle as hard as I possibly can!



Your Weekly Visit For Your Wank With Me

Please do come in I have been waiting for you. So you are here for your weekly “wank session” with me? Have you told you wife that you are here? No, I didn't think so... I can see that you have already got a rather large bulge in your trousers. Have you been thinking about my HUGE 34G cup tits? Perhaps I should show them to you now and then we can get started... Unzip and show me your HUGE throbbing cock. I want to see it cum for me and shoot a HUGE load of hot sticky cum as I watch you and help you to cum VERY hard for me!



A Special Present From His Aunt For His 18th Birthday


What do you give a VERY horny young man for his eighteenth birthday who has an obvious interest in his aunts HUGE 34G tits? As my husband was out for the afternoon I thought I would give him something very special, a secret little present that he could enjoy for a few days in private before he visits at the weekend... When his uncle is out playing golf leaving me at home all alone with a few hours all to myself to play... Giving him a secret and very private little taste of what I have in mind for him when I lead him up the stairs to my bedroom and then let him watch as I undress and get into bed for him... And then I can give him the present that he REALLY wants, his busty aunt naked in bed as his own personal teacher and “fuck toy” for the entire afternoon!



Lily May – Showing Her HUGE Clit On Video

Married housewife Lily May also has a HUGE clit to go with her HUGE 34E cup tits and in this video she shows it off for you to see! The camera comes in VERY close as she slowly teases it to it's full size and then she carries on massaging it expertly until she cums VERY hard while the camera watches EVERYTHING!



Bondage And Ball Gag Orgasms

First of all I strip off my skirt and blouse to show my BIG 34G tits in VERY tight breast bondage forcing my HUGE tits and fully erect nipples to jut out as far as possible and also a VERY tight crotch rope bondage pinching my forcing my clit out very hard as well... Then I carefully strap a ball gag into my mouth tight strap it into place and open my legs VERY wide then use my new black mains powered wand vibrator on my hyper sensitive clit as it's pinches between the ropes to four VERY loud and powerful orgasms! Each orgasm is more powerful and intense than the last as I struggle to scream with the ball gag completely filling my mouth!



Trapped Housewife Forced To Cum!


Tricked into putting on leather wrist cuffs and then being suspended from the steel frame I could see very quickly that I had made a terrible mistake... First of all my blouse is ripped off so that my HUGE 34G tits are exposed to swing and bounce free as I am pulled and twisted around and then to my horror a tight crotch rope is secured into place on the steel frame so that it pulls up VERY deep into my pussy! Then my panties are roughly pulled down and he uses a VERY powerful mains powered wand vibrator to force me to cum time and time again while I am helpless to do ANYTHING about it!



Still a little unsure?

I have been a genuine exhibitionist for over thirty years and the whole reason that I started my site is because I really LOVE to show off and be watched. I am a genuine “lifestyle” unfaithful wife and sex has always been the most important thing in my life. You are just a click away from opening the window into a private world of sexual exploration. Not only will you have unlimited access to all of the unique content I have shot over the years together with all brand new updates, but you will also have access to dozens of other websites and thousands of naughty photos and videos! I really love to explore so why don't you come inside and then we can explore together?

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