Housewife Given No Choice But To Strip For A Stranger

I had no choice at all... I was given a time that I had to arrive and then as soon as I got there he wanted to see my big 34G cup tits! Then I was made to strip out of my skirt and top and show myself off for him as he got onto the bed and told me that I had to suck his cock! I knew that I had no choice be to do EVERYTHING that he wanted so I climbed up onto the bed with him and went to work on his throbbing cock... I told him that I didn't want him to cum in my mouth but he took absolutely no notice at all and shot a HUGE load of cum as I sucked him and the first jet went straight down my throat! The problem is that this is just the beginning and I KNOW that he is going to demand more before he is finished with me...


First Time Playing In The Car With My New GoPro

I have wanted to shoot some car sex videos for ages so now that I have a lot more time I have put this right to the top of my “to do” list! My husband has been away on business all week in Spain so on Wednesday I bought myself a GoPro and then on Friday I asked a friend if he would come out with me in the car to try it out and I was amazed at just how well it worked! This footage here was really just a try out but I was so pleased with it I have decided to put it up for you all to see! First of all we drove down to Peterborough to meet a meet a married woman who contacted me about a “first time” video shoot with us here and then on the way back we set the camera up and had some fun as we drove past lorries and cars on the dual carriageway and then as I was having so much fun I carried on in the back of the car while we drove through Nottingham as well. I think this looks REALLY great and now I am putting together some ideas for a whole VERY edgy car sex video series which I plan to get started on very soon!


Big Tits, Nipples, Blowjob,

My husband works away quite a lot and when I saw an advert for a bikini modeling job I thought that it would be something interesting to keep me busy while he is away. Anyway I turned up at the address for the audition and almost straight away the guy wanted me to show him my big 34G tits! He handed me a bikini and told me to go and get changed and then we talked for a while and he asked just how badly do I want the job... I told him that I was VERY interested and then he told me that if I was to give him a blowjob the job would be mine!! Well I really was quite desperate for the job so what choice did I have?? And then not only did he tell me to push out my tongue so that he could shoot a HUGE load of cum straight into my mouth and all over my tongue then he told me to show him my mouth FULL of cum to the video camera and then he made me swallow it all as he watched with the video camera as well!!!!


Big Black Double Ended Dildo Fuck

Two married ladies and one HUGE double ended dildo is the perfect way to spend a winter afternoon when my very special friend Red calls in to catch up on news. Red brought this double ended dildo along to show me and I just had to try it with her and WOW it was a stretch! It was the first time I had used a double ended dildo for years and I had forgotten just how much fun they could be... This one filled us both completely and really didn't take a lot of effort at all to be able to make each other cum VERY hard just with the slightest movement! Fully fashioned nylons, high heels and LOADS of fun!


Catching My Friends Son On The Bed

I called around to see a friend yesterday but she wasn't back from her shopping trip so I tried the door and it was open and I went inside to wait and I could hear her VERY horny young son upstairs in his room. I went up the stairs and saw that he was laid on his bed with a video camera in his hand so I asked him if he would like to record something that he could NEVER show to his mother... He is ALWAYS looking at my legs and my big 34G cup tits and I know that he has always wanted to see them properly... And what better way to spend a little time than pulling my top down to show him that I wasn't wearing a bra and then giving him a REAL blowjob while he recorded everything and here is the complete video footage so that you can see absolutely EVERYTHING!


Red's Very First Ever Forced Orgasm Experience

I was showing my married friend Red my own first forced orgasm video last week over coffee and I was surprised to hear that this isn't something that she had never done before. I don't think that she really realized what I had in mind so even before she had a chance to get changed I persuaded her to take off her skirt and then get up onto the couch so that I could cuff and tie her wrists and ankles and from that minute on I was determined to show her EXACTLY what it was like! Using the mains powered Hitachi vibrator and in just over eighteen minutes I forced her to cum seven times! By half way through she was already screaming and struggling as hard as possible to move her clit away from the high powered wand vibrator but there was absolutely NOTHING she could do until I was finished and by then she couldn't even get up off of the couch after I had untied her! Spur of the moment and REAL screaming orgasms always makes the best video footage :-)


69 Orgasms With A Stranger

This video was fun and I only met the guy for the first time on Friday which is the day we shot this. He messaged me on Twitter and I liked his pics but as he was married and from Oxford it was a bit of a spur of the moment arrangement. He text me in the morning to tell me that he had just arranged a last minute day off of work and as I had already planned to be shooting a solo video we arranged for him to drive up to Nottingham. He arrived here at lunchtime and we had a coffee and a chat and as I had no themes or ideas planned I thought it would be fun to have some “69” fun as I REALLY needed to cum and I could already see what a “big boy” and how excited he was. Undressing for a stranger and then being made to cum by a married stranger is something that I really LOVE and this whole video was HUGE fun to shoot. Feeling his throbbing excitement was also a HUGE turn-on for me and his VERY powerful orgasm shooting HUGE jets of cum everywhere made it just perfect too! :-)


Housewife Groped Fingered And Covered In Cum

As soon as he got me upstairs onto the bed his hands were all over my big 34G tits through my thin blouse... Rubbing and pinching my huge brown nipples as they push through the thin cotton then all of a sudden he rips my blouse wide open so that he can get to my tits properly! As he holds me down onto the bed to squeeze and grope my big tits VERY hard he pulls my knees WIDE open with his strong hands so that he can finger me VERY hard then he feeds his throbbing cock into my mouth and I am made to suck him as he enjoys himself with my helpless body! A very strong and rough young man with a VERY hard throbbing cock desperate to get what he wanted with me and VERY determined to enjoy himself with a busty married woman before shooting a HUGE load of hot thick cum all over my big 34G tits and huge nipples!


The Photo Shoot With Red And A Lot More Too

I had arranged to photograph my very special friend Red for the site here which is ALWAYS fun but after the photos are finished then the fun can REALLY begin and of course the video camera watches EVERYTHING as it happens! REAL MILF on MILF fun! First of all I get between Red's wide open legs so that I can REALLY go to work on her amazing clit so that the video camera can come in VERY close to see just how hyper sensitive it is as I make her cum VERY hard! After Red gets between my wide open legs to lick my clit and make me cum we get into the “scissor” position so that we can rub pussy to pussy until we both orgasm VERY hard and loud! Lipstick covered nipples, lots of kissing and LOADS of VERY hard and loud orgasms as we REALLY enjoy ourselves for the camera and knowing that you are watching us just makes it even better! Enjoy :-) xx


High Power Vibrator And Real Female Orgasms

I am a very strong believer that a lady should NEVER fake an orgasm (even with her husband...) and this is a video for GENUINE enthusiasts of women who LOVE to orgasm on video! I was already wet and ready to cum when I woke up this morning (I have no idea what I had been dreaming about...) so as soon as I got back from the shops I stripped off and took my mains powered Hitachi vibrator out of the drawer then laid on my waterbed and started to massage my throbbing clit. Just watch as my first VERY hard and loud orgasm builds and then I carry on until I cum again. Once is NEVER enough! And the camera comes in very close to see absolutely EVERYTHING!


Still a little unsure?

I have been a genuine exhibitionist for over thirty years and the whole reason that I started my site is because I really LOVE to show off and be watched. I am a genuine “lifestyle” unfaithful wife and sex has always been the most important thing in my life. You are just a click away from opening the window into a private world of sexual exploration. Not only will you have unlimited access to all of the unique content I have shot over the years together with all brand new updates, but you will also have access to dozens of other websites and thousands of naughty photos and videos! I really love to explore so why don't you come inside and then we can explore together?

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