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Auntie Knows That You Have Been Wanking

 Perhaps I could help you in person too. I could hear you in your bedroom last night, and you were obviously having a wank. Shall we talk about it? Have a REAL wank while I watch?

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Addicted To Internet Porn

Perhaps I had better help you with the perfect JOI wank! I know what you have been looking at as you stroke your hard fucking cock and now you are going to look at me as you stroke!

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Playing With My Black Torso Toys HUGE BBC!

I am going to pour loads of warm slippery oil all over my BBC Shemale Torsos HUGE fucking cock, and I’m going to play with it while I help you have a wank!

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Trying To Look Down Aunties Top

I could see you trying to look down my top darling! Your eyes were all over my cleavage! Are you obsessed with my tits? Do you want to see them property while your Uncle is out?

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Cuckolding Wife With Your Boss JOI

I saw your boss last night darling so I thought I had better tell you before you go to work today... You see, the thing is he fucked me and he made me cum VERY HARD!

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Drenched In Your Heavy Load

I’m going to kneel down in front of you so that you can absolutely drench my big MILF tits with your heavy load! Drench me with your cum!

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Auntie Is Going To Pull Down Her Panties And Open Her Legs WIDE For You

Auntie wants you to unzip and take out your cock for her and then I’m going to open my long legs VERY wide and tell you what I want you to do!

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The Masturbation Assistant Nurse JOI

Would you like the nurse to open her long legs WIDE for you? Show you her big MILF tits? Do you want her to help you to cum very hard?

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My HUGE Cock Shaped Dildo JOI

Fuck my new dildo is SO BIG! It’s really going to stretch me! It’s just like your HUGE cock and I want you to watch how tight I am!

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My Torso Toy has a HUGE Fucking Cock

It would fill me completely! Fuck, it’s so big, and it feels SO REAL!